Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Knitters Tea Swap Parcel Arrives!

A very big thank you to Iris for her very generous parcel with loads of goodies in, she really seems to know what I like so below are photos of what was in the parcel.

This is a skein of shrink resistant lace weight merino - 100g = 1375yds, many packets of Kool-Aid for creative dyeing and a pattern for the Fiber Trends Landscape Shawl & Scarf.
This is Ingeo Yarn, a skein is 1.75oz = approx 110yds made from the yellow kernel of the corn not corn silk - this is produced in Iowa.
Many individual sachets of teas, 2 pack of Gong Fu Tea - Lemon & Hibiscus and Prince of Wales (from Iowa). Also the 'Star of Persia' tea with ruby sugar crystals.

3 packs of Soy Nuts, I have already eaten the zesty barbeque flavour (we don't have these in the UK and they are delicious), also there is chocolate and roasted/salted.
4 ounces of 70% Alpaca 30% silk from Huacaya Moon,
This is a natural varigated colour.
Good old PG Tips and a bar of French Lavender Soap from Two Rivers Soap Company. A pretty cloth in a lavender shade comes with the soap which has a very natural wonderful smell.
And finally 8oz of a wool roving, very soft to the touch and really my style of fibre!
Thank you Iris, this has been an amazing swap, with really unexpected kindness and generosity.


Kim said...

Hi Rachel,

I couldn't find your email address, but I wanted to let you know that the beautiful shrug arrived here yesterday. It is stunning!!! My daughter Ashley who just graduated from college begged me for it....I mean, begged...LOL, so she is now the proud owner of your lovely gift. The lace work is so beautiful!

Darlene said...

You write very well.