Saturday, August 25, 2007

Silk Cap Preparation

After almost all of my first week of annual leave spent mostly indoors as there was sooooo much rain we finally had a really sunny, hot day of gorgeous weather so I sat in the garden separating and thinning 1 of my silk caps the bottom one from the previous post, so silky and shimmery in the sunlight although these photos are taken indoors.

Ready for spinning!

This is a full bobbin of the roving Iris gave me as part of the Knitters Tea Swap 3, I hope they do another, it was fun. This must be about 2-3oz of roving from the 8oz she gave me.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Batt Swap & Silk Cap Dyeing

After moving house about 3 weeks ago I have started to settle in, hence the reason for lack of postings!

*******Read on about the batt swap******

I have random dyed 2 lots of silk caps by sprinkling some dyes across the silk caps and having sealed them in ClingFilm, then I microwaved them for about 10 mins as our microwave is only 600watts! Now waiting for them to dry and them to give them a beating, as the fibres have stuck together abit.

These are some batts I made before moving, they weigh approx 390g together and are a combination of 80%merino/20%soy silk, 80%linen/20%silk noils, variety of different colours of alpaca. There is at least 60g in each batt, they are light and airy and wonderfully soft, all being heathered shades of similar colours.

************My offer is I would love to try spinning some Buffalo Gold fibre to make the Unisex Double Moss Stitch Scarf with Optional Scalloped Edging shown below which takes 2oz of buffalo gold fibre to make, but the only supplier to the UK has stopped trading so I am finding it very difficult to locate and buy any of the fibre. I realise 2oz of the buffalo gold down is very expensive so I am looking for offers, if anyone would like all of my batts (the ones shown below)to spin I would be willing to swap them for at least 1oz of buffalo gold roving, please contact me and make me an offer************

Closeups of the 5 batts seen in the photo above.