Saturday, March 31, 2007

Work In Progress Update

42 Wedding Invites embroidered ready for my sister's wedding later this year - now completed!

This is my current weaving project - 8

20" cushion covers from a 50/50 silk wool yarn, I have completed 1.5 cushions so far

Here is my Baltic Sea Stole in progress - about 70% complete, this is not at all like the right colour, but you can see the pattern. I have enjoyed this as it is my first lace project!

Spinning Freebie Pictures

These are some pictures of the free spinning samples I will be sending people - please respond to the post below this one to register your interest for spinning some of my wool!

Friday, March 30, 2007


I am trying to discover if I started up a small fibre internet shop whether people would want to buy my products, so I am offering several free samples of some Suffolk fleece. My friend has some lambs and this fibre is from their first shearing so is light, soft and bouncy. The fleeces have been to a fibre mill for processing, so now are in a roving about 1.5" wide. Each sample will weight approx. 50grams and have some random single colour dyeing throughout it's length.

If anyone is interested in trialling a sample to spin and would be willing to give feedback of how they like the fibre, texture, length of fibres, what spinning technique used, whether you plied it, and if so what type of plying used etc, and a picture of the end product sent to me via e-mail then please leave a comment to this post indicating this.

On the last day of April 2007 I will randomly select several people to send my fibres to, and I will post the names on my blog. Please then send me your e-mail address so, I can contact you, to post you a fibre sample.