Sunday, June 03, 2007


This is my finally finished Baltic Sea Stole the pattern is from Fibre Trends and I bought the pattern from Get Knitted. I used Rare Comfort Jo Sharp Kid Mohair, also available from Get Knitted in the colourway 'Cello'. I bought 10 balls and used 9.5, as I slightly increased the length of the stole to use as much yarn as possible. This has taken me months of occasionally knitting a few rows, but being my first lace project I really like the result. The pattern was very repetitive but I now realise this is what lace is about. Some of the lace patterns are so pretty I will be venturing into more challenging patterns, which one to choose though, there are loads of shawl patterns I love, any suggestions as to what to do next?
The Sirdar Shrug is next on the needles, pictures to follow

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ra said...

that's realy pretty. And what a first lace project!!!