Saturday, April 07, 2007

Freshly dyed fibres for sampling!

These are some samples random dyed with Omega Dyes - All in One Acid Dyes - Pyrian Purple, Marine Blue, Moss and Malachite. I much prefer these dyes to my Ashford ones, the colours are more appealing to me and I don't have to use vinegar. Keep commenting on the relevant March 'Freebies' post below if you would like to try spinning some of my fibre freebies.


Artis-Anne said...

Oh now this I am interested in as I have been having a dyeing weekend but using my own handspun sock yarn. I have heard of Ashford but not used them but never heard of Omega . Do you mind me asking where you got them from as I am looking to trying other dyes ?

Kat said...

MMmm, yummy colors!! I love the purple and blue ones, but they're all lovely!