Thursday, December 07, 2006

Embroidery Cards

At a local church craft fair I saw a woman making these embroidery cards, so I got on the website and ordered myself some kits, this is what I have completed so far....

The Christmas Ones...
The Cat ones..

I have now interested my sister, and will be doing her wedding invites with some other designs!
More to follow


romillyn said...

Hello Madame,

Love the cards, the cats are my favourite.

Love Madame

Spastic Shepherd said...

I would really love more info on these..they're just up my alley! Goggle isn't helping any.

Spastic Shepherd said...

Of course I meant Google, not Goggle. Now you're thinking I'm weird. I am a little, but the broken arm I'm dealing with makes it hard to type!
Thanks again,